Reece Skinner

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As a front-end developer, I'm all about diving in and using my knack for problem-solving to build cool digital experiences. Just like coding, my time as a Division 1 track and field athlete was all about hustle and grit. Starting as a walk-on and making it to the top-tier wasn't a cakewalk, but it sure taught me loads about hard work, teamwork, and never-ending learning. Now, I apply these same principles to my coding—making sure every bit of work I do has that spark of commitment and passion.

My athletics background cultivated a robust work ethic, a collaborative mindset, and a continual commitment to growth—qualities that I now channel into my development career. Together, these experiences shape my approach: delivering exceptional web solutions, pixel by pixel, with the same resolve that helped me excel on the track.

So here's my approach: I code with the same determination that got me through those intense track and field meets, creating web solutions one pixel at a time.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Wordpress Development
  • Fast Learning & Coachable
  • API Usage & Integration
  • ChatGPT Certified

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Awards & Certifications


  • Front End Development - LinkedIn Badge
  • Javascript - LinkedIn Badge
  • HTML5 - LinkedIn Badge
  • CSS3 - LinkedIn Badge
  • FreeCodeCamp - Frontend Development Libraries - Certification
  • Udemy - ChatGPT Complete Course - Certificate
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  • Texas Real Estate License
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  • Athletic

  • All Athletics Sportsmenship Award Nominee - Texas Tech University
  • Teammate of the year award 2018 - Regents School of Austin


Beyond front-end development, I dedicate my time to maintaining an active lifestyle. Drawing from my experience as a former Division 1 track and field athlete, I find fulfillment in pursuits like running and fitness. Additionally, my passion for the outdoors comes alive through camping, fishing, and hiking, where I thrive in natural environments. Click here to see a video of my track running.

When my free time is spent indoors, it usually revolves around playing video games with friends. I particularly enjoy immersing myself in games like Apex Legends, Minecraft, Skyrim, and other captivating open-world experiences. These digital adventures complement my passion for front-end development, providing a balance that fuels my creativity and technical skills.


Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Arts
General Studies

Regents School of Austin

High School Diploma